Become A Volunteer

How much time do I have to spend volunteering? How ever much time you can spare. We all have busy schedules and NFAS understands that.

What can I do? There are many activities that we could use help with. We want you to like what you do and to feel you have contributed to a worthy cause.

What's expected of me? Well, when you volunteer with NFAS, know that you represent our organization and The National Audubon Society as well. Always be kind and courteous when interacting with the public. A neat and clean appearance is important as well.

How do I contact NFAS about volunteering? Email us at

Here is a list of some volunteer opportunities with NFAS

*Greeting Visitors to Inlet Pond Park

*Invasive species removal

*Trail clearing

*Beach nesting bird monitoring


*Office support

*Event Planning

*Fund Raising