North Fork Audubon Society's

Annual Native Plant Sale!

We hope everyone is well during these challenging times. We are going to continue with our Spring 2020 Native Plant Sale as planned. Please be aware this is not our regular plant sale! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are using a different method to run this plant sale for the safety of all.


1.  Please order your plants using our pre-order form. Download the file by clicking below.


2. Fill out the form with your order, and calculate the total cost. Submit your plant orders before May 8th via email to

3. Make a payment using the PayPal Donate link below. After being transferred to the payment page, please be sure to select Plant Sale as the donation option from the dropdown menu  (Please Note: Orders will not be processed without payment, thank you!).


4. Plant Pick-up will take place May 16th and 17th at designated times to avoid contact with other people. We will send out a detailed email explaining pick-up procedures to customers who have placed orders.

Prickly Pear Cactus